Environmental Mobility and Solidarity
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Dinsdag 15 juni 2021 (van 16u00 tot 18u00)


Environmental Mobility and Solidarity

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Over the last decades, increasing attention has been given to environmental mobility both by policymakers and academics. The past years have shaken our certainties and exposed us to new forms of vulnerability, caused by human and ecological crises. We realize how interconnected our actions are, which creates a need of togetherness to tackle systemic injustice. The people most affected by environmental changes are also the most vulnerable, while they are not the primary contributors, and suffer most adverse effects. Hence, solidarity seems appropriate, however, it remains unclear how it should be organized and by whom.

Environmental migration and displacement have also been put on the agenda of religious congregations and organizations. The Pastoral Orientations on Climate Displaced People propose ten guidelines to deal with climate displaced people. The Church recognizes the need to approach this crisis on multiple levels; by establishing a legal framework, conducting rigorous analysis and involving civil society actors.

This webinar focuses on environmental mobility and possible ways in which solidarity could be organized. Keynote speaker Josianne Gauthier, Secretary General of CIDSE, will focus on how to address interconnected injustices and solidarity.
Lore Van Praag and Loubna Ou-Salah from the Centre for Migration and Intercultural Studies at the University of Antwerp will present empirical evidence on environmental migration from Morocco to Belgium and immobility in Morocco and on how migration could facilitate adaptation to deal with the effects of adverse environmental change.
Alberto Ares SJ, Director of the Institute for Migration Studies at the Comillas Pontifical University, and Peter Rožič SJ, the Director of the Jesuit European Social Centre JESC, will focus on the topic from a religious organization perspective and will reflect on how solidarity could take shape as an act of ‘climate justice’.

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