If you want, maybe not - SIDEWARDS
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Vrijdag 28 mei 2021 (van 20u30 tot 21u30)


If you want, maybe not - SIDEWARDS


2000 Antwerpen


Basistarief: 10,00 €; -25/+65: 8,00 €

‘If you want, maybe not’ is a new, immersive dance production, whereby 10 performers, who each share a history, must coexist in one space whilst navigating a world tainted by suspicion, mistrust and friction.
They ask the question ‘how does human interaction work in the face of conflict?’.
Using both body and voice respectively, SIDEWARDS play with the lines between dance and theatre through use of gesture, visceral physicality, vocal expressiveness and bursts of emotionality.

‘If you want, maybe not’ quite literally draws the audience further into their world .
Deviating from a traditional performance setting, the audience are guided through a pathway within a large, open space whereby different splinter sections appear. As the piece unfolds, the viewer is enticed to take a microscopic look into each relation within this visually striking, surprisingly touching dance work. Exceptionally SIDEWARDS will bring their performance to the outside space of Stormkop due to the measures of corona.

‘If you want, maybe not’ was created in a time of mandatory ‘physical distancing’, wherein our freedom of movement is limited for a greater cause. SIDEWARDS developed the wish to research the ambiguous, fluid topic of boundaries: from emotional, to physical, to spiritual, to spatial, from mental, to political, to cultural, to geographical etc. SIDEWARDS noticed that emotional boundaries often originate from a form of conflict, whether that be a conflict of interests, within yourself or between people, therefore the piece explores how these various struggles affect the space between bodies.

SIDEWARDS is a new Antwerp based dance collective who focus on producing dance work and supporting individual members to be active in their own futures. This collective is a medium to share their practices, visions and experiences. SIDEWARDS celebrate the fact that they are an international organisation, with many of the members coming from countries outside of Belgium.

Website: https://www.sidewards.be/if-you-want-maybe-not/
Trailer: https://youtu.be/YINbmh_AuD0?list=TLGGQqvIbcFZBlkxMjA0MjAyMQ

Dates & tickets in Stormkop:
- 28/05/2021
go to ---> https://tickify.be/events/F0QE
- 29/05/2021
go to ---> https://tickify.be/events/PQET
- 30/05/2021
go to ---> https://tickify.be/events/N2MG

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