On the (re)appropriation of queer aesthetics in music and nightlife w/ VICE &...

Donderdag 30 mei 2024

Van 19u00 tot 23u59

On the (re)appropriation of queer aesthetics in music and nightlife w/ VICE &...


1000 Brussel


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De muzieksector is waarschijnlijk de meest verwelkomende voor queer personen en hun esthetica, tot op het niveau dat we het eens over toe-eigening moeten hebben.

w/ BRYN, Juriji der Klee, Hendrik Wittock and Amari Bouzin

The conversation is in English and moderated by Rachael Moore (The Belgian Pride)

Recorded 12.05.21

Brussels-based pop singer-songwriter BRYN has quite the story behind him. The Rwandese refugee followed his dreams in the music world - against the advice of his teachers and parents,  who wanted to push him into academic studies. He moved a lot growing up before settling in the country he now calls home. He started writing songs in 2011, whilst living in an asylum seeker center, where he taught himself how to play guitar. He regularly played his compositions to a friend there who used to call him “The Brain” as a way to encourage him in his passion:  that’s how the project BRYN (pronounced “brain”) was born. Now the 21-year-old is back to tell us more with his first EP ‘Middle 8’ of heavy pop sounds inspired by artists such as Lorde and Tove Lo, including the singles ‘A Degree’, ‘Teenage Dreams’ and ‘LTIWYL’.

Juriji der Klee, a drag performer who trained as a lyrical singer, cabaret artist at Madame Arthur in Paris and the mother of the house Bénédiction-Rituels Exceptionnels. She creates electro-pop music away from the mainstream, where lyrical singing is made sacred again, transcending sounds, genders, and eras, blessing the city through Queer rituals where inclusivity and diversity are the keywords.

From street dancer to art performer. Amari is an artist but also a non-binary fashion model, represented in Paris and Milan. They’re known as an experimental DJ, deconstructing club's music narrative with spiritual sounds. But most of their recent work is around Black and Queer sensualities: creating innovative spaces around that topic. They are the founder of ROYALE, a new experience diving into the Art World with visual art, sound, and performance, questioning institutionalized spaces around Queerness, Blackness, and sensualities.

Hendrik Wittock is a marketeer and writer with a Master's in Comparative Modern Literature. He graduated with a thesis on (metaphorical) discourse on HIV/AIDS in the 80s and is currently working as Marketing Manager for VICE Media Group, the biggest youth media company around the world. In his current position, Hendrik is responsible for partnerships and marketing of VICE in Belgium, and he also writes and (co)produces (video)content related to queer politics, gender equality, music, and other art forms for vice.com.

Rachael Moore is a British-born LGBT activist who lives and works in Brussels, Belgium. Wi...

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