The role of war recollection in European integration
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Woensdag 21 oktober 2020 (van 18u00 tot 20u00)


The role of war recollection in European integration

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Online lecture in the series 'European Values, Citizenship & Belonging' with Peter Verovšek (The University of Sheffield) and Herman Van Goethem (UAntwerpen).

The development of the European Union as a community-based project of integration outside the constitutional architecture of the nation-state is the most significant innovation in twentieth century political organisation. Despite its many achievements, events at the start of the twenty-first century – including the political, economic, and financial crisis of the Eurozone, as well as the Brexit and the rise of populism – pose an existential threat to the EU. VerovŠek’s book, Memory and the Future of Europe, addresses the crisis of the EU by treating integration as a response to the rupture created by the continent’s experience of total war. It traces Europe’s existing pathologies to the project’s loss of its moral foundations in the collective remembrance of total war. As the generations with personal memories of the two world wars pass away, economic gain has become the EU’s sole raison d’être. If it is to survive its future challenges, the EU will have to create a new historical imaginary that relies not only on the lessons of the past, but also builds on Europe’s ability to protect its citizens by serving as a counterweight against the forces of globalisation.

Response by Herman Van Goethem, historian and rector at the UAntwerpen.

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