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Woensdag 1 december 2021

Van 20u00 tot 23u59

Aksak Maboul

August Ortsstraat 20-28

1000 Brussel


Basistarief: 12,00 €; Artikel 27: 1,25 €

Playfully mixing and deconstructing various genres to create its own sonic world, the seminal band hasn’t stopped changing shape and form throughout its existence. Aksak Maboul now revolves around Marc Hollander & Véronique Vincent. After a long gap, a brand-new double LP 'Figures' came out in May 2020. Aksak Maboul's current live line-up also includes Lucien Fraipont, Erik Heestermans and Faustine Hollander.

Crammed Discs boss Marc Hollander founded Aksak Maboul in 1977, as a solo project, and was soon joined by Vincent Kenis. Each of the band’s albums is stylistically different from the others, yet they all share common aesthetic and musical foundations. Released in 1977 and 1980, the band’s first two albums are avant- garde classics, a status reconfirmed by the reactions to their recent vinyl reissues.

After a merge with the postpunk band The Honeymoon Killers, Hollander and vocalist Véronique Vincent wrote and recorded music for a 3rd album, a kind of electropop extension of the Aksak Maboul spectrum, but left it uncompleted. In the meantime, Hollander had founded the Crammed Discs label, and spent the next few decades signing, sometimes producing, and releasing over 600 records by lots of other artists.

That 3rd ‘lost’ album was finally unearthed and released in 2014, as ‘Ex-Futur Album’, and the reception kickstarted the Aksak resurrection: a new live incarnation of the band took back to the stage, and Hollander & Véronique Vincent were soon writing and recording new music, which resulted in Figures, a double album which revisits all genres & styles previously explored by the band, from electronic music and pop to experimentation, jazz, minimalism, contemporary classical etc.


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