Blind Butcher [CH] + Suncreek [BE] - GEANNULEERD !!!
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Vrijdag 29 mei 2020 (van 20u00 tot 23u59)


Blind Butcher [CH] + Suncreek [BE] - GEANNULEERD !!!

Vlasmarkt 9

9000 Gent


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Blind Butcher recorded their album “ALAWALAWA“ for Voodoo Rhythm Records and lost their minds. Sung in English, German or gibberish, they have devoted themsleves to ROCK'N'ROLL, NEW & NO WAVE, Suicide Disco, Punk, Blues, KRAUT ROCK, NDW or Country Music, and have created their very own, very unique DISCO TRASH SOUND.

Introducing Suncreek, the most rock 'n roll band of Ypres! With a fresh crossover between newwave, garage punk and surfrock they bring longhaired, work shy scum all over the country together for a dance. Think The Cure, but also The Drums, think Red Zebra and Joy Division, but also The Libertines. Or don't think too much and just give it your jive!

20h00: Doors
20h30: Suncreek (BE)
21h30: Blind Butcher (CH)

Free entrance, as always.

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