Seuls: Le chantier des gosses

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Donderdag 6 mei 2021 (van 19u30 tot 21u00)


Seuls: Le chantier des gosses


9000 Gent


Basistarief: 0,00 €

For the next Seuls-evening – a series of film programs around Belgian film history – Sabzian presents Le chantier des gosses. The first feature film of Jean Harlez (Belgium, 1924) is set in the Marolles in the 1950s. The narrow streets of this working-class Brussels neighborhood are full with kids. The Marolles is a playground for kids until one day workmen shake up the neighborhood. The children declare war on them. A film about Brussels in the 1950s, in collaboration with the inhabitants. The press reacted enthusiastically to this debut film in a new genre: “the first Belgian neo-realist full-length film!”

On 6 May, Le chantier des gosses will be worldwide available on, free of charge from 7:30 pm onwards for the first 100 spectators.

With a short introduction by Ruben Demasure

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