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Zo 21 maart 2021 - Zo 30 mei 2021



Cour de l'Abbaye 5

4970 Stavelot

The Dutch photographer Christopher Roxs (Sankt Vith, 1994, lives and works in Stavelot) captures parallel moments, intimate views that reflect different perspectives on the shooting of the film Miss Marx(*). His approach transcends the mere evocation of backstage atmosphere and brings to light impressions that appear to be seemingly meaningless within the context of the film industry. He adopts a discreet and humble photographic style that allows the viewer to penetrate with extraordinary force the image reduced to its essence. His aesthetic vision encompasses both the impressions of a film shoot and the experiences of men and women who have existed and who are still important today.
Miss Marx ? Eleanor Marx (London 1855-1898), that is. The translator and publisher of Capital, a militant who stood at the opposite end of the salon socialist theorists, a feminist intellectual with a life of glory and disaster and the ardent spokeswoman for Marxism on the grounds of the United Kingdom's booming manufacturing industry.

By way of counterpoint, three artists present their vision on the battles waged by Karl Marx's youngest daughter. Andrea Radermacher-Mennicken (Eupen,1964) explores the complex personality of Eleanor Marx. This multidisciplinary artist presents a series of works created out of materials that are marked by daily use, archetypes that belong to the feminine domain which she gives an alternative transgressive life without any loss of poetic power.
The drawings of Sylvie Macias Diaz (Verviers, 1968), metaphors of male domination that are as light as they are stinging, reveal the artifices of the puppet woman, enhanced by the symbolism that pulls the strings of the feminine condition, of the dismembered woman whose future is one of reconstruction.
Using this same symbolism of reconstruction and repair, the mannequins and framed workers' coats of Antoine Doyen (Verviers, 1980) celebrate these anonymous men and women despite their ungrateful tasks.
Drawing on this group of contemporary artists, each of them working on the scraps of a controversial macrocosm, the exhibition proposes a critical, cross-disciplinary and forward-looking approach to today's multi-crisis world. For art urgently urges us to devise and put into place new ways of living together, since it is us who are holding in our hands both the seeds of the apocalypse as well as the necessary ingredients for the construction of Another image, that of the Anthropocene that is yet to come.

Dominique Legrand
curator of the exhibition

(*) Miss Marx. Biopic (Italy-Belgium) produced by Susanna Nicchiarelli in 2019 whose outdoor scenes were shot in Spa (Parc de Sept Heures), Verviers (Solvent, Tourist Centre for Wool and Fashion) and at the Ansembourg Museum in Liège. Film presented at the opening of the Venice Film Festival 2020.

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